“Here’s how I think it works. Each one of us is born carrying a Silver Thread that runs from our life straight back to the heart of our Creator.

No one has ever carried that particular thread before, and no one will ever carry that particular thread again. Only you will ever carry your thread, only I will ever carry mine.

These threads are what weave this huge, timeless tapestry we’re part of, far too great for us to perceive while we’re walking the Earth.

We can’t even look an inch to the left and say, “That person is not weaving fast enough,” or to the right and say, “That person is not weaving evenly.” The only thread we can weave with is our own.

Some of your ancestors’ threads are woven into yours, those with whom you have some particular affiliation. Different ancestors must work with different people in the same family — otherwise, siblings would be much more alike than they are.

As you come to know those ancestors, you can understand more about what you came here to do. This understanding is more of the Heart than of the Mind. Do the Work and trust the Process.

If we wait to do everything until we know what it is, non of us would ever have learned to walk.”